Hi, I’m Iris

Writing on the blog without having scrawled a rough draft in my notebook feels about as daunting yet thrilling as putting down paint on paper without sketching first, and I do like living on the edge. But I believe an introduction must be as raw and unfiltered as I intend the blog to be (at about 76% opacity), so here I am. Most of you here may know me from my art page happiness_girl_paints (you wonderful followers, you, hopping platforms with me) and this is simply another facet of my journey with art, a slightly less aesthetic and more honest (about as much honesty as the possibly three people reading this won’t abandon me for) facet.

I was never an artistic kid, artsy, but not artistic. I loved messing around with colors, took one art class and filled several Classmate artbooks with two-dimensional landscapes and awkwardly hung stick figures, at best average. While I continued projects of my own and making birthday and anniversary cards for anyone who’d validate me, I only really returned to it as an adult as a student of art therapy. I painted like the angsty teen in a Linkin Park video I loved so much (though never quite as well). My stint with watercolors started, unsurprisingly, after I lost my Dad. Of course, art doesn’t replace therapy and social media validation doesn’t quite fix grief, but art remains to this day something I turn to, and it delivers when I need it the most.

In a lot of ways watercolors are the best and worst thing to happen to me. Never has a medium I loved tormented me so much, and never has it given me so much drive and thrill and pure joy. A few months into playing with watercolors, I felt a pull to start sharing my work with people other than my Mom and best friend, and so happiness_girl_paints came into existence. Its been a ride, from starting the page to building my tiny community, selling my artwork, making my own watercolors, creating my website, and now blogging. Its marked by the kindness and encouragement of so many artist-mentors along the way, the overwhelming surge of resources available to anyone who picks up a brush in the 21st century (credit where credit is due), the support of friends and family (even though I don’t often have answers to questions like “but what is the point?”) and, of course, Iris, my artist persona.

This blog is an attempt to document my journey and lived experiences up until this point and all the way beyond (because I strongly believe that our lived experiences alone make us unique and, at the same time, relatable to others), share my observations on the art world, talk about things that matter to me and, most importantly, ask questions perhaps one of you has answers to. Stick around as I rant about everything art, from my personal learnings and failures to moments that inspire, invaluable people in the community, my favorite artists, art journaling and new mediums, and, perhaps, what it means to be an artist in this specific point in time.

When I’m not painting or writing, you can catch me making paint, soaps and candles, baking (training to be a pastry chef currently), singing at my bathroom mirror, cooking up spells or doting on my crystals, binge-watching Doctor Who (subject to change) or standing in the rain, the usual stuff. Like what you see so far? Hit subscribe and get notified every time I drop a new rant. You can check out my work too https://irisrants.wordpress.com/follow-me/

Now I want to hear from you. Introduce yourselves in the comments and let’s get to know each other better 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Iris

  1. oops — good thing I made a copy of my comment! 😀

    Hi Iris 🙂

    I’ve just scanned this post (will read + perhaps review it later)… you have a very beautiful approach + voice! 😀

    I really like your “about” text on your hompage a lot — but what is “inner” about the Internet? Not much. The WWW is like one big massive universal text … and it’s linked together (here and there — not everywhere).

    Your tags are OK, but they are written from *your* perspective. For them to “click” for both you + someone else, you also have to consider *their* perspective. Perhaps I am simply not aware of the meanings for the strings you use — in any case I would never search for a string like “meettheartist” (mainly because it’s neither a word nor a phrase in English — for phrases, you should include the space between words 😉 ).

    Whatever — you are off to a VERY GOOD start (IMHO).

    🙂 Norbert

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    1. Hello Norbert!
      Thank you so much for taking the time out to write such an extensive comment. I really appreciate the feedback, I’ll definitely look into the tags and try to make them more reader-centric (great tip!). So when I said inner here, I meant I’m taking my internal running monologue (observations, thoughts, commentary on things) and putting it out onto the WWW for whatever little part of the world that will come across it. Thanks for pumping me up though, I hope you’ll stick around and read more of what’s to come 🙂

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  2. Hi Iris,
    I am so excited about irisrants. Omg. Request for your painting journey monologues here, what inspired a new piece, the mood, the weather, the ideas. And looking forward to reading more of your fiction, personal essays and creative work.

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    1. Hello Paperbird,

      I love your enthusiasm, its the fuel I run on ❤ I will definitely try to document all of this as much as I can, though I do intend for it to be more art oriented than fiction/creative oriented. Always open to more suggestions!



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